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Fire Protection Manchester

JNR offers a comprehensive range of fire stopping solutions.


JNR offers a comprehensive range of fire stopping solutions to ensure that walls, rooves, floors, service risers and voids retain their fire resistance.

At JNR we work in partnership with our clients, architects, main contractors and building inspectors to ensure that we offer the most cost effective, fully designed, engineered and appropriate fire stopping solutions for each project.

All products are tested in accordance with BS476 parts 4, 20 and 22 and/or EN 1366-3.  We work closely with manufacturers to ensure they are being used in the way in which they have been tested from straight forward to complex penetrations.

Fire-rated mastic coated batts

  • Load bearing and non-load bearing fire-rated compounds
  • Fire curtains
  • Intumescent mastic seals
  • Pipe collars
  • Pipe wraps
  • Pipe wraps
  • Intumescent pillows
  • Insulated fire sleeves
  • Fire resistant silicones
  • Fire-rated movement joints

All fire stopping works carried out by JNR are fully tested and clearly identifiable by our logging system of stickers, photo’s and log sheets.  This provides assurance that all works undertaken comply with the specified fire strategy and Part B building regulations.

JNR works in accordance with third party accreditation and material manufacturers to ensure our fire stopping technicians are fully trained and up to date with any new regulations and fire stopping methods.

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Fire Curtains

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Fire curtains prevent the spread of fire and smoke through voids and also provide compartmentation between different areas within buildings.
JNR can install and maintain both lightweight flexible fire curtains or insulating fire barrier curtains to provide up to 120 minutes fire protection within both occupied and unoccupied facilities.  This includes lofts, ceiling voids and risers and the fire curtains ensure no fire or smoke can spread from one compartment to the next.

With roof voids we carry out surveys to highlight what is required to make sure buildings are in accordance with building regulations and to ensure that fire compartment walls are continued above the ceiling and into the roof void.  If required we can also provide and install fire-rated access hatches, walkways and handrails for the roof space as well as improving its insulation.

All fire curtains installed by JNR are fully tested, certified and comply with the relevant BS or EN standards.

Penetration Sealing

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Penetration seal systems for fire stopping are a highly effective form of passive fire protection (PFP). They are used to thoroughly compartmentalise a building to restrict the spread of fire. Using fire sealing products to either fill imperfections and gaps between fire-resistant areas. Or, to create a fire-resistant surface thus creating a penetration seal system. These systems will protect your construction’s surfaces; cables; ventilation; and piping by using technologies including rockwool; graphite; and intumescent acrylic.

Fire Blanket

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Fire Boarding

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Fire Doors

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